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  • DF - 1st BASE GLOVE


    -Hand Crafted

    - Premium Steer Hide

    - High Strength Nylon Stitching

    - Steam Molded

    - Life time warranty: laces, webbing, padding, adjustment, and hinges.


    Introducing our premier hand-made softball first base glove, meticulously crafted for the discerning player seeking excellence on the diamond. Crafted from top-tier steer hide leather, featuring high-strength nylon stitching, and designed with a deep pocket, this glove is your ultimate partner at first base, ready to handle any throw that comes your way.

    The foundation of this glove is the use of premium steer hide leather, striking the perfect balance between durability and flexibility. This ensures that you not only withstand the demands of the position but also maintain a natural and comfortable feel while awaiting throws.

    Our skilled artisans have taken care to stitch this glove with high-strength nylon thread, providing reinforcement that endures the rigors of the game. The nylon stitching enhances the glove's longevity and structural integrity, ensuring that it stands up to repeated use and tough plays.

    Tailored for the first baseman, this glove features a deep pocket strategically designed to handle any throw that comes your way. The deep pocket enhances your ability to secure the ball, giving you the confidence to make crucial plays with ease and precision.

    Whether you're reaching for a high throw, scooping up a low one, or snagging line drives, this hand-made first base softball glove is your essential tool on the field. Elevate your game with a glove that combines the resilience of steer hide leather, the strength of nylon stitching, and the practicality of a deep pocket. Command first base with confidence and style.