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    - Haley Lee personally designed key features including her signature HL45 logo, bible verse "iron       sharpens iron," and her own tattoo cross art. 

    - Hand Crafted

    - Premium Steer Hide

    - High Strength Nylon Stitching

    - Steam Molded

    ***customer HL45 box that includes actual personally signed thank you card from Haley Lee! 

     - also includes a HL45 sticker and temp tatto.


    Introducing our elite infielder's softball glove, meticulously hand-crafted to meet the demands of the game with precision and style. Crafted from premium steer hide leather, featuring high-strength nylon stitching, and designed with a deep pocket, this glove is your ultimate companion for snagging line drives and handling tough hops with ease.

    The glove's foundation lies in the use of top-quality steer hide leather, offering the perfect blend of durability and responsiveness. This ensures that you not only withstand the intensity of the infield but also maintain a natural and comfortable feel while making plays.

    Our skilled artisans have taken care to stitch this glove with high-strength nylon thread, providing reinforcement that stands the test of time. The nylon stitching contributes to the glove's longevity and structural integrity, allowing you to play at your best without worrying about wear and tear.

    Designed with the infielder in mind, this glove boasts a deep pocket that's engineered to snare line drives and handle tough hops with ease. The deep pocket enhances your ability to secure the ball, giving you the confidence to make quick and precise plays in the heat of the game.

    Whether you're fielding line drives or snagging tough hops, this hand-made infielder's softball glove is the go-to choice. Elevate your performance with a glove that combines the durability of steer hide leather, the strength of nylon stitching, and the functionality of a deep pocket. Dominate the infield with confidence and style.